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Surface Pattern Design

MirMar Design is a design studio specializing in surface pattern design. We love to create fun, colorful and modern art for textiles, home decor and stationary. We design several collections each year but we are also happy to create custom collaborations. Let’s work together!

MirMar Design - Textile Design Studio - France
Giulia Marsili - MirMar Design

Who am I ?

Hello ! My name is Giulia and I am an Italian  Surface Pattern Designer and illustrator based in Lille, Northern France. I came to France with the idea of spending just a couple of months here but life had other plans for me (❤️🧑🏻‍🦲🇫🇷 ->😸->💍->🏠->👨‍👩‍👦❤️ ) and I’ve been living in Lille for more than 10 years.

I studied Fashion Design in Italy and Spain and it’s during those years  that I first discovered the concept of “surface pattern creating”. I absolutely adored it and I would have kept studying and working on it if only I had found a single master course on the topic. So I  decided to work in another fashion branch where colour and motifs are key : fashion and wardrobe styling.

Long story short, after working several years in the Fashion Industry and moving to France I had to pause my creative career. I worked in marketing and customer relations for about 10 years, while still thinking of a creative life. 

In 2020 Covid came into the picture and suddenly I lost my job. I do believe in signs and the same week I discovered I was about to lose my job I also discovered Bonnie Christine’s Surface Pattern Design Course on Skillshare. It was like an epiphany to me ! I had finally found the course that I had been looking for so long and right at the time when my life was about to change. I took the course and never looked back!

MirMar Design was born to share with you my love for bold colours, for the beauty found in unexpected things, for Mother Nature’s perfection and the magic of imagination. 

Welcome to my world !

Fun facts about me


I’m in love with the colour purple. I love every shade of it and I could easily use it in every design I create. I am attracted to it like bees to honey, it has been like that since I was a child !


I’m fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French but I can also make myself understood in Portuguese and German. I love learning new languages and being able to communicate with people !


I’m passionate about modern and contemporary art and I could spend days observing and absorbing the amazing work that artists like Monet Degas, Hopper, Magritte, Duchamp, Rembrandt created.

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